1.61 mi

Elevation gain

761 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

66 ft

Max elevation

1,532 ft



Min elevation

809 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Cave of Prehistoric rock carvings, Divdyadovo, Shumen
  • Photo of Doublecave
  • Photo of Hang-gliders field




August 17, 2019
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1,532 ft
809 ft
1.61 mi

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near Shumen, Област Шумен (България)

A route from the Museum of History in the city of Shumen to a small double-cave with remains of suposed prehistoric carvings on the rock; on yhe rocky cliff over the suburb of Divdyadowo.
Passing along row the Monument "1 300 Years Bulgaria", crossing the east part of Shoumen-Plateau.
Vistas (from the rocky edge) on the valley of the river Kamtchia and the mountаins eastly (Madara-Plateau) and southly (Stara Planina Mountins).
Antes to reach the "Ovtcharnika"-cave (by narrow and steep path dovn - about 3 m.), over the rocks, on the left side we could see a small (under 1 m. lenght) carved field on the rock, covered with some "figures" resembling mysterious signs, or some presentations of star-groups; unexplored to date.
The carved pictures were discovered (and reported to the Museum of History's associate) in 1964. Short after this they were distroyed by unknown perpetrator(s). Only the sketches of the discoverer remained.
Possible return: westly and down - nearby the "Zandana"-cave, a fountain and Divdyadovo neighborhood. Along this path passes under abandoned stone quarries at height in the rocks (for the extraction of large limestone blocks; the holes for stuffing round wooden wedges are visible).
Another - easier - way to continue - on the edge of the plateau, from the hang glider track.
Risks of falling from the rocks.
There is no drinking water on the route (til the fountain at the entrance of Divdyadovo).


A small doubled cave situated in unos 4 m. over the rock terrace and path.

Cave 'Ovtcharnika'


Hang-gliders field


Monument '1 300 years Bulgaria'


Museum of History


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