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near Gernika-Lumo, País Vasco (España)

From Gernika, the path will reveal the Basque Country´s other face, complete with mountains, forest, caves of prehistoric man (Santimamiñe close to Oma y Armintze center of Lekeitio, light and shadows, until you reach the port of Lekeitio. Arrival port of pilgrims, in the 15th century from the North of Europe, Bruges (Netherlands) or South of England.
As religious icoms worshipped over the last five centuries, the Assumption of Our Lady´s Basilica & its Spanish- Flemish wood retable: To admire, clic the retable picture in next web ( http://basilicalekeitio.blogspot.com.es/ ), and the most venerated ( since the IX century) Madona : La Antigua Virgin Mary..
The 2º stage: Gernika - Lekeitio.

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