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near Hahei, Waikato (New Zealand)

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The Coromandel Peninsula is full of beautiful villages, charming beaches and estuaries that can compete with the most beautiful of the rest of the world. A special place is Hahei, almost abandoned in winter and crowded with tourists in summer. And the highlight of the area is called Cathedral Cove, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which is recommended to visit early or at the end of the day to (as it appears in one of the guides that I handle) to avoid the rush hour of the tourist hordes.
From the photos you can see that there were many people, so I guess we visited incorporated into the hordes. Even so, really, the beach is wonderful.
To reach it, it is necessary to walk a path of about 3 km, which begins at the end of Hahei beach, and which crosses a beautiful subtropical forest until you reach the entrance to Cathedral Cove. Cars are left at 1 km. from the beginning of the trail, in a large, well-marked car park. There are water taxis that take you in 15 minutes from Hahei.
The trail passes near two well-marked bays, Stingray Bay has a sandy beach, while Gemstone Bay is a stony coast that is considered excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling, being able to see snappers, lobsters or rays. Both deserve the visit, as shown in the photos that we included.
In front of Cathedral Cove, the Mercury Bay shows a multitude of islands accessible through cruises with different starting points.
Cathedral Cove is a short arched tunnel, made of massive stone and large proportions, which connects two beautiful coves of white sand and crystal clear waters, in which several beautifully shaped coastal islands create a different landscape, in which some scenes of the Chronicles of Narnia. In the area there are many other caves and hoquedades in the rocks, although none comparable to the Cathedral.
Not far, about 8 km. There is a beach (Hot Water Beach) where, during low tide, you can dig a hole in the sand that will be filled with hot thermal water, where you can bathe. You can rent a shovel on site, so you do not dig with your hands.


  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Feb 22, 2018

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    De las playas más bonitas del mundo...paseo y baño espectacular. Un diez.

  • javeadeverano Dec 14, 2018

    Dicen que es la mejor playa del mundo. En las fotos lo parece

  • luis.perecruz Mar 15, 2019

    ¡Qué maravilla de sitio y qué preciosas fotos!

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