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near Ardales, Andalucía (España)

24 03 2019

This walk starts on the outskirts of Ardales Village next to the Roman Bridge. There is plenty of parking.

Follow the River TurÓn for a while. You will be able to see the castle in the distance.
There are a few walks in this area, including the GR 249, Gran Senda to Burgos (22km).

The views from the TurÓn castle are amazing, a great place to have a picnic.

I wouldn’t bother with the circular part of the route I did as it was very rocky and a bit of a challenge, and the path was very hard to find. I would suggest going back the way you came. Looking back I would have kept the walk linear.

The TurÓn Castle is a medieval military fortress located on the limestone cliffs that formed an abyss on the left bank of the TurÓn River. It was built during the war between the kingdoms of Granada and Seville. The TurÓn Fortress was the main military support for the Peña de Ardales during the fight against the advance by the Castilians planned from the Teba Castle. The highest point of the mountain was fortified with large walls and numerous towers and on the east side; the tower that overlooks the river was a necessary addition. It still houses the loophole, the main walls, the towers and the water tank. On the North side, the side that guards Ardales, a fortress was built with a tall tower that would have been used as a residence for the military officers.


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