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near Salisbury, England (United Kingdom)

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We started in the center of Salisbury, near the Gothic cathedral. We go north and soon we see the castle hill of Old Sarum. We cross a well-flowered meadow up to the top. There is the castle enclosure, which runs from 9 to 6 p.m. in summer time and the entrance is worth 3.9 pounds. Also next to the castle grounds we find the location of the old cathedral, only the foundations remain. There are very good views of the city of Salisbury. We go back along the path that borders the River Avon.

"Archaeological remains of the stones indicate that the site was occupied from the Neolithic, around 3000 BC. There is evidence that the hill was occupied by hunters first and later for farmers. A fortification was built on the hill that protected the area and was built by the local population during the Iron Age around the year 500 a. C. that created walls around the hill.

Numerous fortifications have been found in the same period in the area, including the Figsbury Ring to the east and the Vespasian's Camp to the north.

The Romans, who occupied the British Isles between 43 BC. C. and 410 a. C. created in this place a military camp, strategically located near the convergence of five important routes. The fort of the hill was marked on the Roman maps with the name of Sorviodunum. "(Http://www.wikilingua.net/ca/articles/o/l/d/Old_Sarum_7d21.html)
More information about old Sarum, schedules, etc. at http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/daysout/properties/old-sarum/#Left


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