• Photo of Cascades Trail and Barneys Wall

Time  3 hours 29 minutes

Coordinates 2716

Uploaded October 27, 2019

Recorded October 2019

3,736 f
2,185 f
8.16 mi

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near Hoges Chapel, Virginia (United States)

The high point of the hike is the 66 foot waterfall, but I find the entire trail next to Little Stony Creek is an important aspect that makes the hike great. The way the creek winds through the valley creates many open looks with the forest providing an arching tunnel. Barneys Wall and the Upper Cascades by themselves are good view points though the trail to get to them may just be in a tunnel of trees, but they can provide additional solitude to juxtapose against the typically busy Cascades trails. I was looking for the peak foliage on the hike this time and I hit it right no.

For full report, see: https://travel2walk.com/2019/10/27/virginia-hikes-cascades-trail-barneys-wall-october-26-2019/

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