210 f
-88 f
2.8 mi

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near Jan Thiel (Curacao)

After leaving from Tugboat Beach, you climb the Kabrietenberg. From the beach, this steep hill appears intimidating, but isn't so bad. From here, there's an unbeatable view over Spanish Waters, the bay where Curaçao's wealthier inhabitants seem to keep their boats.

After walking back down the hill, you continue around the peninsula in a clockwise direction. From the easternmost point, you are directly across a small inlet from the Santa Barbara Resort. Continuing, you pass by mangrove forests and walk atop shifting mounds of dead coral, before reaching Directorsbaai, where there is some incredible snorkeling.

Turning back north, you come upon an empty 19th century mansion at the top of a hill. This is known as the Quarantine House, in reference to its most recent purpose, before it was abandoned for good.

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