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near Pandora, Northland (New Zealand)

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This route has been registered as shorter than it really is. I started the recording at the place where the path forks, to follow on one side the Cape Reinga lighthouse, and on the other, to go down to the beach, from where at low tide you can continue to the dunes of Cape Marie van Demien. At the time we did the sea was rising, and we did not complete the route (which can exceed 16 km altogether) to avoid problems on the way back. Although the road back to the car park has been registered in a single direction, the visitor must do it in both directions, so the track should also be increased by 1 km or so to include this part.
The lighthouse itself is a remarkable image, but the environment in which it is located is much more. Wonderful beaches of fine sand and high cliffs beaten by the sea created an image very similar to that of very special corners of the always remembered Asturian terroir. Nearby, some impressive sand dunes, where some people descended on sand surfs, composed other dream images, inside the Te Paki Recreation Reserve, but also up to much further down, following the Ninety Mile Beach along the Aupouri peninsula.
The area itself is legendary: Maori consider Cape Reinga to be the place where the souls of the dead embark on their way to the spiritual beyond, precisely on that ramp that can be seen on the small peninsula below the lighthouse . On a nearby promontory, to the east, is a pohutukawa tree of, say, 800 years old, whose roots slip the souls of the Maori. This makes the area a sacred enclave in the Maori culture; You should not go near the tree, eat or drink in the area.
But geographically it also has a considerable importance: the piece of sea located in front of the cape is the place where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, and they do not always do it calmly. On stormy days, waves of more than 10 meters in height are produced in this area of union. Even on the quiet day of our visit, we could clearly see waves of appreciable size in that place.
Cape Reinga is not the northernmost area of New Zealand, for the North Island that corresponds to the cliffs of Surville, to the east of the cape, and for the totality to the King Islands, refuge of natural life in which they are conserved multiple species in danger of extinction, and in which the establishment of humans has been prohibited.
Few things are easier than getting to Cabo Reinga, if you have a car or use another means of transport (we have seen people on bicycles who claimed to be crossing New Zealand in its entirety): just follow the national road 1 until your final. The landscape will enchant you, and my companions say that the bath that took place on the beach west of the cape (Te Werahi Beach) was excellent; so if you go in summer do not forget the swimsuit; If he goes in winter or there is temporary he tells me, if he does me the favor.
New Zealand is full of wonderful places: Cape Reinga and the dunes are some of them. If it goes, do not miss it. It is far, but it is worth every one of the km. Tours to get there.
Although we still stayed two more days in New Zealand, this was the last day of trekking. Our trip was wonderful, we chose the right time and places to visit that amazed us, but surely a large part of the reasons why it has gone so well has been in the excellent work of the travel agency (Mundoexplora) that prepared the definitive itinerary, made all the reservations and arranged the few problems that arose. Excellent work, Vania. Thanks for everything.


  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Feb 25, 2018

    Ruta panorámica del Cabo Reinga, donde los espíritus de los maoríes iban al paraíso. Baño espectacular en la playa camino del Cabo de María van Diemen...

  • javeadeverano Dec 14, 2018

    Interesante sitio, con vistas maravillosas.

  • César Argilés Jan 3, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Fácil, con mucho güiri, pero cuando accedes al cabo,recomendamos bajar por largo sendero,hasta la playa y darse un baño en aguas límpidas

  • luis.perecruz Mar 17, 2019

    Fantásticas imágenes e historia.

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