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Recorded December 2018

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near Brightwater, Western Cape (Republic of South Africa)

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Recorded with Garmin Etrex 30

It is advisable to do this route at the very first hour of the morning, as they open the park. You make sure to do it in total solitude being able to enjoy the ominous cliffs as well as the fauna that can be seen.

The incredible thing is the little thing that people like to get up early. The most popular of Cape Town is Table Mountain along with the peninsula and especially the route that goes to the tip and that runs along the southern coast of the Cape. Well, we have done it absolutely alone. Madrugar only has advantages.

You start climbing the old lighthouse. To get up here is a funicular that opens at 9 but that to my liking is a scam. It is a road that is done in 15 minutes with a vertical drop of 70 meters. As soon as you are able to tie only the shoes you are able to do it. Above with beautiful views. The funicular is a sacaperras.

Once you pass the old lighthouse, a path leads to the point from which you can see the new lighthouse. The road leaves the bay on the left and once you get to the top the views of the cape cliffs and the brutality with which the sea breaks are the best. It's funny because about 3 km from the Cape you see a small island that barely looks out to the water but that makes the waves break there, at first we scratched ourselves because it looked like a huge whirlpool until an informative sign took us out of doubt. The road is also full of hummingbirds and raptors that fight with the seagulls. Highly recommended If this is not done early in the day the massive influx of tourists would prevent any bird.

From the end of the Cape we retrace our steps to the other side, Cabo MaClean. Halfway down we have gone down to "Diaz beach" the descent is an important staircase but it is well worth it. Already on the beach you can see the waves breaking nearby and impress more than from above. Returning to the road, we reach the other point of the cape and after enjoying the views, we return along the same road.

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Monumento City of Cape Town, Western Cape, ZAF
Old Lighthouse City of Cape Town, Western Cape, ZAF


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