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near Cape Bridgewater Lower, Victoria (Australia)

Cape Bridgewater Seal Walk
The trail south from the kiosk offers striking views across Cape Bridgewater, once a volcanic island that is now joined to the mainland by calcified sand dunes. The viewing platform at the end of the trail looks out over rock platforms and on to a colony of about 650 Australian fur seals.

Cape Bridgewater (Blowholes)
The trail continues through a petrified forest where the limestone remains of huge trees that once covered the sea cliff. Beyond the forest lies a series of exciting blowholes which are rock tunnels that have been etched out of the volcanic rock by the waves. During rough seas, they spout spray high into the air. Old Aboriginal middens can also be seen along the cliff tops.

Cape Bridgewater (Petrified Forest)
The petrified forest was formed when the forest of Moonah trees was smothered by a large sand dune. Water seeping through the sand formed a crust of sandstone on the outside of the trunks, decaying the organic matter, leaving behind petrified trunks.
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