Moving time  3 hours 48 minutes

Time  4 hours 53 minutes

Coordinates 2977

Uploaded January 13, 2019

Recorded January 2019

2,968 f
1,166 f
10.58 mi

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near Osunillas, Andalucía (España)

This walk starts from the parking area near the Arenales quarry in Mijas.

It is a linear walk, so you need someone else to drop you off and pick you up at the other end, which is what I did.

It's a longish walk but most of it is downhill. Underfoot it can get very rocky and stony at times, so a good pair of walking boots is advisable.

I ended the walk at the BP petrol station cafeteria for a snack and well earned drink.

You get some really wonderful views on this walk


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