5.94 mi

Elevation gain

98 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

98 ft

Max elevation

272 ft



Min elevation

2 ft

Trail type

  • Video of Canfield Walks: High Roding Circular




August 14, 2017


August 2017
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272 ft
2 ft
5.94 mi

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near Great Canfield, England (United Kingdom)

This 6 mile walk goes south from St Mary's church, Great Canfield to its southernmost point of Bigods Farm, Aythorpe Roding. It then loops back via Loves Farm towards High Roding and Great Canfield. The route uses public footpaths and minor roadways, and crosses the busy B184 in High Roding. Please take special care here.

This is not a short walk, it crosses open country, and surfaces can be uneven and rutted. Clothing should be appropriate to these conditions, and, as always, to the weather. In summer some footpaths can be covered by long grass concealing uneven or pitted ground and care should be taken. Walking boots with good ankle support are strongly recommended.

The video shows views along this walk.

Please note that some of the public footpaths are blazed through the middle of cornfields. They can become very difficult to cross, at least temporarily, after the harvest if/when the stubble is ploughed up. Walking conditions do vary over time and features may have become unsafe (e.g. a broken stile) and these should be avoided. In such cases it is worth taking a look around to see if a detour has been provided that can be used in safety.

Note: the image can be enlarged by clicking on the symbol in the top right hand corner, and the scale expanded or shrunk by use of the sliding scale on the left (or of a mouse wheel). Of the maps in the dropdown menu "More maps", the OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap are particularly useful.

For technical reasons the altitude table shows levels that are erroneously low for part of the route and should be ignored.


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