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near Great Canfield, England (United Kingdom)

This 6.75 mile walk starts and finishes at the Village Hall, going by way of Hellman's Cross towards the Flitch Way, and returning via Hope End and Oak Lane. It uses public footpaths, a byway, and roads. On higher magnification of the stretch along Oak Lane a small kink can be seen where the walker visited the site of Whitebridge, of which only a few bricks and a chunk of flints in concrete now remain. George Eland, the author of "At the Courts of Great Canfield", lived in this house for a few years before moving to Helman's Cottage in Green Street.

This is not a short walk, it crosses open country, and surfaces can be uneven and rutted. Clothing should be appropriate to these conditions, and, as always, to the weather. Walking boots with good ankle support are strongly recommended. The video shows views along this walk. Please note that one of the public footpaths is blazed through the middle of a cornfield. It will become very difficult to cross, at least temporarily, after the harvest when the stubble is ploughed up. During the summer months Footpath 7 can get quite overgrown with a variety of plants including nettles.

Take special care along the road between the Village Hall and Hellman's Cross which can be busy, and the verge is rather narrow between Black Hall and Helman's Cottage.

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