6,316 ft
4,190 ft
4.63 mi

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near l'Aldosa, La Massana (Andorra)

Starting off from the car park in l'Aldosa, walked up the road approx. 200m before heading up the hill. Starts out quite easy with the slope not too bad and you pass several farms and huts as the trail winds up the hill. From here the trail becomes a fair bit steeper as it almost continues straight up the hill to a dirt track leading to a farmhouse with a locked gate. Leave the dirt track after a few metres and then crest the Coll to a cleared grassy area which is a great place to rest. Spectacular views in every direction.
Head back to the dirt track and follow it until you reach the sign and a chain fence going across the road. Follow the road for a while until the yellow dot marked trail leads off to the right and almost heads straight down the mountain. Continue to follow this trail until you reach the road again at the bottom and then it is only a ten minute walk back to the start point


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