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near Chiriaco Summit, California (United States)

A more difficult hike over huge boulders to the Victory Palms.
Don't want boulder climbing, there is an easy route, see below.

First hike to the Lost Palms Oasis

Hike down into the lost Palms oasis.
Follow the canyon downstream (South/East).
Expect 3 huge boulder groups, separated by a more sandy wash.
The Last boulder group is the most problematic and longest.

Truck like boulders make a more difficult hike, take your time to find the best route. There are some routes that are not too difficult, sometimes going underneath the boulders. When you go down, make sure you can make it back up again, and mark your return route.

Along the way you find old rusty pipes from a mine below.


Hiking time: 1 Hour, 50 Minutes Lost Palms "Largest group" sign - Victory Palms and return.

From the South there is an easier route, to get to the Victory Palms.
Easy route
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