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near Desert Lodge, California (United States)

More Anza Borrego Hiking

A stunning loop hike.

This hike continues where the

Bighorn Canyon to Blue Spring hike

goes back on the same way to the car.

Coming back from the spring, turn right into the next canyon.
This is the canyon with the spectacular hole rocks.

There seem to be two ways to get across. One is to the left and another one to the right.
We choose the right one.
Follow the wash uphill.
At the mountain to the left, pass it on the right hand side and keep close to it.
You have to pass a bit further away to keep clear of some prickly stuff.
But turn back (left) and keep going uphill along the mountain in a wash.
Climbing uphill a bit to the right, not slippery at all, as we move up on a rocky surface.
Cross over the ridge to the left and surprisingly, nothing serious is happening on the other side.
There are plenty of ways to come down.
Hike downhill to the small sandy wash below.

Follow this wash downhill until is forks again and again into the Nolina Canyon.
At the end of the canyon you find a parking.
This is the dirt road towards the car.
But try to go more in a straight line toward the car, into the wash. Following the road more or less.


Hiking time: 5 Hour for the complete loop.
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