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near Cala Rajada, Baleares (España)

This is truly spectacular and nice hike in the Parc Natural de la Península de Llevant. Starting from large parking near beautiful beach Cala Agula wich is free low season and 5 eur a day high season, follow the up and down trail by the sea shore. Return through the forest with some unexpected hurdles (see fotos).
Nice and very convenient beach.
Scary part
was built in 1751 as a surveillance point of the Menorca Canal, because of the British occupation of the neighboring island. It is a truncated cone building with two floors and a roof, about 11 meters high. The original access was located on the upper floor, subsequently opening one on the ground floor. On the lower floor, subdivided into three spaces, the powder keg was located. Through a spiral staircase you could access the roof, where a cannon is still preserved.
The sign means "private hunting". So we just climbed.
Probably it is a good idea to take a little more right to pass the dune by the trod.
A lime oven or stone oven is an oven to obtain live lime (calcium oxide) using limestone (calcium carbonate). A lime oven is a traditional construction of Mallorca, in which calcareous stones were used to obtain lime. The process to obtain it consisted of keeping the stone at about 1000 or 1200 degrees C. for ten or twelve days using wood as a fuel Long ago, lime was one of the most essential elements of our society: all the works were done with lime, as a cohesive element of the mortar, the houses were whitewashed, the doctors received lime water, the vineyards diminished With lime, the pigs were disinfected, there were still many applications of this multifunctional product. In fact, each house had a corner reserved for the lime jar.


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