KS . Ng

Moving time  3 hours 17 minutes

Time  5 hours 37 minutes

Coordinates 1431

Uploaded November 4, 2018

Recorded November 2018

1,615 f
324 f
4.89 mi

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near Kampong Kelang Gates Baharu (မလေးရှား)

Bukit Tabur East to Far East - Extreme - Extra
A trail distance is short ,but is dangerous...
No waterpoint let you fill water ,prepare enough water ...
This is no easy ,if feel scary please turn right to down the hill. Up and down is one way
Also can see a Bukit Tabur Extreme peak
Starting east to far east way

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  • Photo of Jiaxuan

    Jiaxuan Apr 18, 2019

    Interesting! Is east dangerous? I have done far east, extreme and extra.

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