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near Kampung Masjid, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

2h:23m:04s | 7.4 km View on OpenStreetMaps as well.
The trail starts off just to the west of Field Apartments. Crossing over the Waterfall Bridge and then traversing an earthen dam, the trail head is just off to the right. It's a regular Hash trail which joins up with the main trial to the top of Bukit Olivia (Bukit=Hill). The trail is being heavily routed by wildboar which roam this area extensively. The boar dig for young roots and the diggings are heavily impacting the trail. Spray paint on the trees however provide an easy way to follow the trail and Hash paper is often in evidence as Hasher's regularly use this trail for weekly 'runs'. The peak is marked with a large granite stone and at this point it's approximately 280 metres above sea level. There must have been a building at one time as there are piles of old bricks near the granite stone. Just before the granite stone (see photo) take a left and follow this trail across the flat section of the hill top before steeply descending towards Lily Pond Creek Trail. Once reaching the creek there is a short ascent which then meets up at a Y junction. Take the right hand trail which meets up with the main trail Lily Pond Creek Trail (it really makes little difference). Ascending, the Lily Pond Creek Trail links up with the Mountain Bike Trail (MBT) which runs along the ridge line. Having turned right at the junction continue to ascend along the Lily Pond Trail where it continues past the Coronation Trail (signage) towards the MBT. At the junction of the MBT turn left and follow along until reaching the Rest Stop 46 Junction signage (see photo). This is the main branch where the trail either continues on towards Crag Hotel located at Penang Hill or, as in this case, leads back towards Botanical Gardens via the 1500 Steps. Passing Rain Gauge 2 then crossing over Waterfall Creek continue on and then descend the 1500 Steps to Botanical Gardens. The remaining section follows the paved road inside Botanical Gardens before taking a left at the Canteen. It is now a brick pathway for a couple hundred metres. Keep left of Waterfall Creek and continue walking over a grassy area until reaching the starting point of the hike. Back over the foot bridge and your done.

This trail leads to a PBA (water supply) restricted area and is off limits.
  • Photo of Swimming Pool Ruins
  • Photo of Swimming Pool Ruins
This is part of the old "Stout Resort". The land was taken over by the "municipality" in order to expand protection over the watershed area which provides a source for domestic water supply. Heads up to Neil Hamilton for news clip.


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