Time  one hour 3 minutes

Coordinates 263

Uploaded February 24, 2013

Recorded June 2008

81 ft
-1 ft
2.09 mi

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near Southmere, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you up to a platform which over looks Buck Lake. There is a parking area off RT46. This is a hunted area, so don’t go hiking there during the hunting season. The observation platform provides a nice view of Buck Lake. You can bike to it if you so wish. There are some blazed trails which lead into more areas of the Buck Lake Conservation Area. As I mentioned in another WIKILOC entry, the trails in Buck Lake are mainly just old roads. A good source of information is http://www.outintheboonies.com/Buck_Lake/ or my website http://www.tomchoma.com Please take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints (if you spot some trash, you can take that too) - happy trails!

Buck Lake Tower

Tower overlooking Buck Lake
Information point


Entrance off RT46

Parking Area

Public Parking Area


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