3,583 f
2,306 f
6.73 mi

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near Bozikás, Peloponnese (Greece)

This hiking route starts at the tavern of Bozikas. It is a comfortable walk up to the hills over jeeproads. If you are a couple its very agreeable because you can walk next to eachother the entire way.
We called it the Shepherd's view because you will pass a meadow used by them. Just be careful if you meet a shepherd on your way, because the dogs are very eager to protect the sheep. Alongside the road you might find herbs to dry, like thyme or rosemary.
Once you got past the meadows, the road colours red/brown and the landscape looks different. You also get to see a very high mountain in front of you. With a lot of bends the road goes up, and if the sun shines you may see a beautiful glittering rock on your right. You will walk up high until you cant get any further. You will walk the same way back and enjoy the view. Have fun!


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