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near Bukit Lada, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

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Enter Botanic Gardens and keep left on paved road until reaching the junction for the 1500 Steps which is on the left. Follow the steps to the first contour junction and turn right and keep right as you continue down the path passing another set of steps on the left. KEEP to the right as you pass the steps. The trail leads through a water protection zone so enter at your own risk. Crossing the bridge over Waterfall Creek, continue on to where the trail meets the Mountain Bike Trail which runs to the north along the Crag Hotel Trail and also runs south along the Mountain Bike Trail (MBT). There is a large billboard sign in bad condition. Take a left at this junction and keep you eyes open for the posted sign for Rain Gauges 4, 6, and 9 which is nailed to a tree along the way and is on your right. About 50m further up there is a trail off to the RIGHT which is the main trail to Crag Hotel via Teik Junction. Continue along the trail which is a relatively steep climb and ascends to 535m at Teik Junction. Turn right at the junction and the trail descends westward. Look for a northerly junction further down the trail which is on the right hand side. Currently the trail is lined with flags all the way to the "Haunted House" although this could be temporary. It's an old wooden house and is quite literally in the middle of nowhere. All materials would have had to be carried in by hand by labor. Have a look around the vicinity of the house. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING. The trail to Teik Quarry continues on the other side of the house. Keep to your left when coming across the Y junction and this is where the trail becomes very difficult to follow. We used a GPS file from Lebouvreuil which is posted to Wikiloc but the trail itself is patchy in places and is not used much. The only way we were able to navigate through to Teik Quarry was with GPS and following remnants of Hash paper along the trail. You must go slow and constantly look for the paper as you go and check to see that you are one the GPS track. There is now some plastic ribbon ties along the way and but hikers need to constantly look for Hash paper on the sides of tree trunks or overhanging branches. This trail should not be tried without considering the difficulty of this section but is very challenging. The trail passes through an abandoned plantation which has given way to all species of trees and terracing is notable along the way. Some rock terracing is also in evidence as can be seen in the attached photo. There are a number of steep sections along the path and fallen trees occasionally require circumventing to relocate the trail. The trail finally comes out at Teik Quarry which is constantly expanding. Care must be taken passing through the Quarry. Keep as far right as possible. There are large cement trucks plying the road and Fridays are a regular date for explosive charges to be set off in the westerly edge of the quarry - a siren goes off as a warning. Ignore the dogs and they will not bother you. The trail finally comes out adjacent to a Chinese Temple across from Permai Village - a large residential area.
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