• Photo of inundated part of the heath
  • Photo of elevated walkway over the heath

Moving time  one hour 11 minutes

Time  2 hours

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Uploaded December 15, 2018

Recorded December 2018

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4.54 mi

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near Bieberg, Noord-Brabant (Nederland)

this is a marked trail through the nature preserve, following forest roads. there are parts deciduous forest and heath, with lots of wildlife. parking and drinks/food are available at the start of the walk.
the walk is indicated by yellow signs with the head of a deer, though we did it in the reverse direction.
a well situated bench looks out over the heath, which was at the moment partially inundated and frozen over.
this part of the heath is protected by an elevated wooden path. cyclists not allowed, dogs must be kept on a leash. in the middle of the path is a nice bench with a great view


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