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near Phoenixville, Connecticut (United States)

The hike will take you along a section of the old Boston Turnpike (Boston Post Road). There is a lot of history related to this trail, do a little "Googling" to find out more. The trail is blazed white, one section is pretty well blazed, while the other is a challenge finding the blazes (lower section of the loop). I found that in 2015 that the trail has fallen into disrepair. I am from Florida or I would certainly consider bringing it back to life. The original group(s) who revived the original mail route trail certainly put a lot of work into it before they seemed to have moved on or died! There is a beautiful pond on one section of the trail, even a bench has been provided for the hiker! I noticed an old granite marker from the mail days which stated "32 miles to Hartford CH" - not sure what the "CH" stands for. We did the complete loop, but if your not into a little bushwhacking, I suggest you use the main trail (blazed in big white blazes) to go in and out. There are some GEOCaches along the trail, so give them a look! My website is www.tomchoma.com - happy trails to all!
Nice bench right on the pond's edge
One section of boardwalk near pond
Small wooden bridge
Just a pull over area for parking
Dirt Road to Cross - I Guess You Could Park Here
Marker which read "32 Miles to Hartford CH"


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