Time  7 hours 44 minutes

Coordinates 2934

Uploaded July 28, 2018

Recorded July 2018

8,248 f
4,390 f
13.23 mi

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near Borovets, Софийска област (България)

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Surroundings: Borovets, Flora Hotel, Sitnakovo Express Lift, Alpine Trail T2, Musalenka Lake, Musala Refuge, Bistrica River, GR Trail, Rio Bistrica, Solenata River, Chair Lift, Borovets.
Technical data:
Road type: Path and Track

Distance: 21.3 KM

Total Time: 7:45 h

Movement Time: 6:32 h

Standing Time: 1:12 h

Minimum height: 1338 m

Maximum height: 2514 m

Positive Elevation: 1140 m

Negative difference: 1140 m

Difficulty: High

From the Hotel Flora in Borovets we leave in the morning after a good breakfast and we move towards one of the lifts of the ski resort to take the chairlift and that takes us on a higher level to approach the Musala refuge and the peak with the same name.
At the ski resort we pay about 6 levies round trip (3 euros) per person round trip and ascend by chairlift to the elevation 1770 m, where we begin the ascent by a path that is signposted although it serves little help if we do not know interpret the language and indications. Shortly after leaving the chairlift, we passed an uninhabited shelter and a little further on, a natural viewpoint of the valley, about 200 meters further on, to a junction that will serve to join the circuit that we are going to carry out in this area of ​​the Rila park.

We ascend progressively and on the 2100 meters altitude we reach an area where there is a water surge and a hill where the path forks. We continue southwest along a path whose path is accompanied by a small stream of water that forces us to go along the side of the path and crossing in an infinite number of times to avoid getting wet. After a while we reached level 2300, the water surge remains on one side and we continue the ascent through dry terrain, we do not enter a momentary fog zone until we reach the base of Shat'r (2440 m). We follow the path through more comfortable terrain, seeing lakes to the south. We ascend the last slope to the Alpine Trail T2 (2512 m) and cross to the other valley where we can see the Musala refuge and some other lakes in the distance. From the hill we descend to level 2350 we pass by the refuge and continue ascending until we reach Lake Musalenka where we have a snack. Due to the fog as it was already past 13.15 and the borovets chairlift limited us the time of return we decided not to move forward and start the return.

We descend to the refuge and its lake, the refuge appears to be empty although we see 2 people at a wooden table, we continue descending and take the path to the west bank of the Bistrica River, we continue descending and the path becomes a real mud of the land , we decided to cross the river to go to the path of the eastern margin of the river, we see that there is no bridge so we crossed it by taking off our boots and putting them back on. After walking for a while on a dry trail, the descent becomes more complicated due to the fact that again the path is covered with water, we descend almost by a stream until it reaches a track or junction with GR (white / red marks), we continue along the track for about 4 km to a new path that crosses the river bitrisca and river solenata by wooden bridges. We make a more ascent section that takes us to the borovets chairlift. We take the chairlift and descend by this in the middle of a heavy rain late afternoon arriving soaked at the hotel where we stayed.


  • Long pants and appropriate clothing (raincoat, warm or windproof clothing).
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip protection.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Food for the day.
  • Bring drinking water (minimum 2 liters).

Mountain pass

Collado Alpine Trail T2 (2512 m)


Fin telesilla 'Sitnâkovo Ekspres'- Ruta sendero


Hotel Flora (Hotel)

Hotel Flora (Hotel) Samokov, Sofijska, BGR

Lago Musalenska


Refugio Musala (2407)

h.Musala (2407)

Rio Bistrica-Cruce con puente de madera


Rio Bistrica-Cruzar sin puente a pie


Rio Solenata voda-Cruce con puente


Sendero GR por pista

Mountain pass

Shat`r (2440 m)


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