Time  48 minutes

Coordinates 154

Uploaded June 15, 2015

Recorded June 2015

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233 f
18 f
1.04 mi

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near Ribeira Izé, Príncipe (Sao Tome and Principe)

This is a great short trail that can be done in 1 hour at a fast pace and 1:30 hour at a gentle rythm. It has been classified as difficult, only for the fact that there are rather steep steps after the light house which has no railing and can be tricky for elderly people.
  • Photo of Steps
Follow the steps and stay left
  • Photo of Aphid
  • Photo of View of Belmonte
View of Belmonte
  • Photo of Rehabilitation area
Rehabilitation area
  • Photo of Sundowner spot
Sundowner spot
  • Photo of Lemba lemba, strangular fig tree
Lemba lemba, strangular fig tree
  • Photo of Basalt formation
Basalt formation
  • Photo of Oca tree
Ocá tree
  • Photo of Light house
  • Photo of Galé
Small island where fishermen from Sundy usually go fishing
  • Photo of Relax point
Relax point
  • Photo of Rock pool
Rock pool
  • Photo of Oca Tree
  • Photo of Pebble beach
Pebble beach
  • Photo of Marks on tree
Marks on tree
  • Photo of 3 Oca trees merged
3 Oca trees merged
  • Photo of Casket tree
Casket tree
  • Photo of Crossing option
Crossing option
  • Photo of View

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