4.54 mi

Elevation gain

1,381 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,381 ft

Max elevation

1,998 ft



Min elevation

744 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Bolulla- ancient route
  • Photo of Bolulla- ancient route




February 16, 2017


February 2013

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1,998 ft
744 ft
4.54 mi

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near Bolulla, Valencia (España)

This is a beautiful walk along the old mule paths from Bolulla that supplied the Castle.
While surfaced roads reach almost to the col below the Castle it is well worth tracing the old path which is now cut by tracks and roads but there are still four well defined sections of mule path to enjoy and the intervening stretches of road are short.
At the col below the castle is the start of a there and back walk to castle on fairly rough path (where one can be found) well worth the trip at least once.
The return to the bar Era includes tracks and a mule path through pine woods.

WRITTEN BY: Jean & Bob Hall VERIFIED Dec 2013
DISTANCE 7.3km- WALKING TIME 2 - 3hrs.- ASCENT 325-500mtrs. GRADE M - MS(for Castle)
(Walking time only – add time for breaks and lunch)
LEGAL NOTICE: Although we strive to make descriptions as correct as possible, use at your own risk.

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