Time  5 hours 16 minutes

Coordinates 1290

Uploaded September 21, 2019

Recorded September 2019

1,163 f
420 f
9.57 mi

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near Bohan, Wallonia (Belgique)

The first part of this walk will take you across the ridge ( Les Cretes) of Bohan, a very enjoyable part of the track.

You will arrive at the hamlet of Herisson and from there walk into France. When walking the straight trcck to the south-west at a heighth of 350m we came upon a huge group of wild boars.

We descended a steep track and then had to climb another steep track to get to the Cabane 'La lamproie' .

YOU COULD AVOID this extra effort by continuing the straight track for another kilometre and then turn right at a narrow stretch of open field area, which will also take you to the Cabane.

Some 800 metres after passing the Cabane we followed a narow track that went down very, very steeply after having followed it for about 800 metres.

On reaching a broad track we turned left ( SSW) to go to Roche Margot, which has a picknick table and a bench with a beautiful view on Les Hautes Rivieres and the hills surrounding it.

Don't forget to go from the bench to the rocks to the right of it because you will even have a better view from there.

The track from Roche Margot will lead you to the outskirts of les Hautes Rivieres from where a very steep (23%) beginning of the Trans-Semoysienne will be the beginning of the last stretch of more or less 5kilometres.

This part of the walk will regularly go up and down quite steeply until you reach the D31 that will take you back to Bohan.

Parking places


La Pierre a Marier


Reserve Ardenne et Gaume


Rock formations




Border Belgium-France


Cabane La Lamproie


Roche Margot

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Voie Touristique Trans-Semoysienne


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