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near Michigan Bluff, California (United States)

Down upon the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the American River, south of the old village of Deadwood[1], in a deep remote gorge lies the Bogus Thunder. It is here on this remote stretch of wild river that the early miners were forever mistaking the thundering of the river for the thunder of an approaching Sierra storm. As the river surges through a series of rock narrows, and around right angle bends, the stream sends a deep roaring sound vibrating along the ridges high above. Credits: Bogus Thunder Mountains. by Gene Markley. Copyright 1976.

[1]Deadwood was founded in 1852 when gold was found in the area.It had 500 people living there in its heyday. Deadwood was also for a time the home of gun maker Sam Colt.Deadwood was in a decline by 1855,although mining with moderate returns was carried on in the vicinity for many years. Submitted by: Chris Geigle for http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/ca/deadwoodplacer.html

All that remains are the well preserved cemetery and a few old wells. California Geology has a wonderful first-person story on life in Deadwood during the Gold Rush.


Simple directions...

1) Take Foresthill road to Deadwood Road.
2) Deadwood cemetery to Western States.
3) Western states to saddle access trail (left turn).
4) Up to the saddle is well marked.
5) At the saddle proceed down in a easterly direction to the claim.
6) From the claim go south to the River.

Be sure to watch the video for more history and in depth information on this magnificent location including candle blazes, bear scars and miner cairns.

Bogus Thunder - Connector trail to Western States

Located south of the Deadwood Cemetery sign. Topo Map shows Deadwood Road continuing all the way to the Cemetery.

Bogus Thunder - Top of Saddle


Bogus Thunder - River access near mining claim




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