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7.28 mi

Elevation gain

2,516 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,516 ft

Max elevation

6,418 ft



Min elevation

6,010 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Boca de la Canada, Rio Grande Trail
  • Photo of Boca de la Canada, Rio Grande Trail
  • Photo of Boca de la Canada, Rio Grande Trail
  • Photo of Boca de la Canada, Rio Grande Trail


3 hours 48 minutes




April 20, 2015


April 2015

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6,418 ft
6,010 ft
7.28 mi

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near Boca de la Cañada, Guanajuato (Mexico)

This hike starts at the community of Boca de la Canada (thoughtfully located at the mouth of the canyon) and follows the river through the main arm of the canyon. It is almost perfectly flat. The trail crosses the river about 10 times so this is not a good hike during the rainy season shortly after heavy rains. The rest of the year you can easily cross by hoping from stone to stone across the shallow river.

Nice views of the canyon walls all along the way. Good geode hunting in the riverbed. This hike is usually strangely low on bird sightings but on this particular day we saw/heard canyon wren, Mexican jay, hummingbirds (probably broadbilled), a great white heron, mockingbird, vermilion flycatcher, great horned owl, red tailed hawk and probably some I'm forgetting.

This is an 'out & back' hike along the same trail. There is a beautiful shaded pool at the turn-around point for a snack or lunch. Also at the the turn-around point we take a bref detour up an arm of the canyon where you may see bromeliads and other plants not usually associated with high desert climates.

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