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6.41 mi

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near St Ives Chase, New South Wales (Australia)

Starting at the Sphinx WW1 War Memorial at North Turramurra, You head down the 'Bobbin Head Walking Track'. A great spot for lunch is at Bobbin head, there are a few shops which sell food so you can dine in if you wish. The Bobbin head NPWS Shop stocks the local topographic maps + more. So be sure to grab anything you need while you are there. After lunch head back via the 'Sphinx Walking Track' which runs parallel to the water for most of the route. One thing to note. At Bobbin head the entry/exit point of the trail goes through a marina with heavily fortified gates that are locked at night. So be sure you don't get locked out ;) If you are not visiting Bobbin Head this will not effect you as both trails meet further up the trail.


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