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Coordinates 678

Uploaded January 7, 2017

Recorded January 2017

3,996 f
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4.51 mi

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near Matibidi, Mpumalanga (Republic of South Africa)

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The Blyde Canyon Forever Resort is accessed after paying the R50 that they request and register in the register. By car, you reach the restaurant, and from here, you start by stairs first and then by a paved road to the Upper Lookout (A) where you have an impressive view of the Blyde River Canyon. From here, the descent begins following the Leopard trail marks (yellow marks). They descend about 200m and travel about 2km where it is linked to the Guinea Fowl trail (blue markings) that begins to descend first, to the lowest point of the route, to reach the course of the Kadishi river.
From this point, you start the ascent crossing the river in several points, until you reach Tufa Falls and connect with the Tufa Trail that will take us to the starting point again.
Leopard Trial
Upper View point
Leopard trial - Guinea Fowl
Kadishi Stream
Guinea fowl - Loerie trail
Kadishi stream
Tufa Falls


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