Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  2 hours 50 minutes

Coordinates 484

Uploaded October 31, 2014

Recorded October 2014

60 f
-14 f
3.21 mi

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near Fellsmere, Florida (United States)

This hike will take you out on a dike from the main parking lot at the Blue Cypress Recreation Area. The recreation area has room for a number of vehicles. There are a couple of boat launch areas located around the parking area, as well as a restroom and picnic areas. A number of airboat tours leave from this area, so at times you will see a lot of activity at the ramps, as well as hearing the airboats as they leave the parking area to do their tours. There are a number of dikes you can venture out onto, but this one seemed like the best one. You walk between two bodies of water, with some cool trees along the way. About halfway out you will encounter a campsite setup by the SJRWMD. I didn’t see anything about registering with them to use it, but you might want to ask if you so desire. Depending on the time of day I will assume you could see a variety of wildlife. I did see many birds, as well as a raccoon. I went as far as I could, I encountered some pretty thick grasses and ground cover, so I turned back. I would suspect that during the dry season you could get further.
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Area provided by SJRWMD - two tent platforms, a fire pit and a picnic table
Blue Cypress Conservation Area Trails
Turned around here because of thick grasses
Main parking area


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