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near Blesle, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (France)

Blesle is a small village on the River Voireuse in the Haute-Loire department of the Auvergne region, to the west of Brioude and to the north of Massiac.

The village has a history dating back to the founding of a benedictine monastery here in the 9th century (although the site itself was occupied at least 4000 years ago). During the middle ages the town was an important centre for the local lords and barons, a period of wealth that has also left its mark in the shape of the monuments we can see today.

A lovely and ancient village, Blesle has some remains of its colourful past to discover during a visit. The pleasure of a visit comes largely from the ambience and the little details such as the picturesque half-timbered houses, ornate doors and windows in the village, or the discovery of a small courtyard or narrow passage lined with medieval houses - and of course the pleasant stroll along the riverside.

The village of Blesle is officially listed as one of the 'most beautiful villages in France'.

All around the village the hills rise up steeply adding to the beauty. There is a pleasant walk along the river which allows you to see the village from another angle.

There are a number of walks starting in this village from wich we did the PR 5, which will give you a wonderful sense of opennes and freedom.



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