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Time  2 hours 36 minutes

Coordinates 1349

Uploaded October 4, 2017

Recorded October 2017

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2,735 ft
2,100 ft
4.8 mi

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near Valruche, Savanne (Mauritius)

This walk is in the trees until the last 10 minutes, it is quite strenuous because of the altitude, lack of moving air under the dense forest and the up down walking but wow, the last 10 minutes are completely worth the hard slog. there is a rope to help you up the final incline but don't be put off by this, it is fine. This is the best summit point i have been on, it is about 4 meters diameter with steep inclines all the way around. The panoramic views are stunning and will take your breath away. It is impossible to get lost as the route is cut out of the forest and was very well maintained. You do not need a guide for this.

The summit


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  • Photo of Toniheinz

    Toniheinz Feb 27, 2018

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    Easy to find and no chance to get lost on the way, cause this is the only way ;)

    You should take good shoes. End of February was a lot of mud and you have to be creative to find your way.
    The view was very great and you will be off all the tourists.
    We were walking at launch time in the heat but there is everywhere shadow. Take something against mosquitos with you, they can be very painful.

    Thank you for showing!

  • Photo of antish

    antish Jul 3, 2020

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    For the toughies, reaching the summit may be attempted from either Case noyale (for max elevation gain) or National park

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