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Recorded June 2018

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near Chelmorton, England (United Kingdom)

Wow - i knew it would be a good walk but i wasn't expecting this. 70% of this walk is as good as it gets and the rest is fantastic. Wye Dale and Chee Dale are truly stunning with there stepping stones next to the cliff, its natural springs, the beautiful river flowing through what looks like prehistoric vegetation. I challenge you to say this walk is anything other than truly stunning. We have been walking the peaks and the dales for many years and this is the best. One word of caution, the route is only passible when not flooded so do this in the summer after a few dry weeks. We started at the Farditch Motorhome and Caravan site (which is lovely) had a proper coffee as we joined the monsal bike trail briefly and then beers and food at the Church pub in Chelsmorton, just 15-20 minutes from the site. The walk is long at just over 17 miles but the first two thirds is flat and there are only a couple of big hills foe the rest. Give yourself the whole day to do this.
  • Photo of Starting Point
  • Photo of Deep Dale
So quiet, not a soul down there but lots of sounds from the birds, we saw a buzzard too
  • Photo of Wye Dale
Picking up the Monsal trail on the Wye Dale
  • Photo of Wormhill
Turn left here, the next 45 minutes will be the best experience you have ever had in the peaks
  • Photo of Say on this side of the river
The best stuff is on the left, don't go over the bridge
  • Photo of River
  • Photo of Bridge
Lots of bridges over the river but you don't need to cross all of them!
  • Photo of Fallen Tree
This walk is interesting at every turn
  • Photo of Climb
Not many hands on elements to this walk but this is one of them
  • Photo of Fish
look closely in the river, there are fish! you'll propably see lots of splashes before you see a fish
  • Photo of Coffee
As we joined the Monsal Bike trail on the old train line we found a great proper coffee van
  • Photo of In the woods
  • Photo of Litten Mill
  • Photo of Lunch
Time for crackers and cheese with our feet dangling of the bridge over the river
  • Photo of Millers Dale
Stunning, this walk just keeps delivering!
  • Photo of Weir
  • Photo of Monsal Head
The iconic Monsal Head, hope you have a head for heights!
  • Photo of Weir
  • Photo of High Dale
This is the most V shape valley I've walked through
  • Photo of Time for the pub!
Where is it?
  • Photo of Still looking for the Pub!
There was a pub in Taddington but the locals said it was back down the hill so we pressed on to the next village
  • Photo of Chelmorton in view
Theres a pub there!
  • Photo of PUB!!
Well deserved light refreshments! Good beer and food
  • Photo of At least we know we are in the right country!
One week before the World Cup 2018. I wonder how we will do? Out on Penalties?


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