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near Claggan, Scotland (United Kingdom)

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Near Fort Williams, Ben Nevis with 1,345 m altitude is the highest mountain in Scotland and the British Isles
What surprised me is that a large part of the road is cobbled and with large steps above all the first section, conditioned since 1881 and known as the "Route of the Pony" because they were used to raise the load, as food and equipment to the Observatory that was at the top of what today there are only remains, therefore the road leads us without any loss to the summit, also at this time of year there is usually a large influx of people up and down the Ben Nevis.

In summer it does not have any technical difficulty, you just have to save 1,344 m of positive height difference which is not bad and areas with cobblestone floor and steps, which disfigures nature. Outside of the summer season, it is usually snow-covered on the last stretch, so the technical difficulty changes radically.

We start from the free parking located next to the "Information Center of Ben Nevis", where they give you all kinds of information and sale of maps of the area, in the vicinity there is a Camping, Hostel, Hostel and restaurants.

We cross a wooden bridge with a large metal arch on each side, along a path we begin to climb until we connect with the wide and cobbled path that will take us uphill to the summit, much of this 1st section with large slabs of stone and stairs, until we reach the lake ¨Lochan Meal An T-suidhe, where it gives us a break in the flat area and dirt soil.

From here we take the 2nd section, after a short time we cross a small stream that descends between small waterfalls on our left. , we continue ascending now by a way in the form of large "Zatas" in the steep slopes when looking downwards there are some beautiful views over the valleys that surround the skirts of Ben Navis and Fort Williams, as we go we can see the temperature drop and little by little and as we ascend we are invaded by the ever thicker fog, the land becomes a scree with rocks and loose pebbles, on the sides of the road appear huge stone Milestones to crown the rounded peak completely covered with fog thick, with a nice and tiny shelter where scarcely fit 2 people lying down, in the surrounding remains of stone walls of the old Observatory where we parapetamos to regain strength, to finish without any option to contemplate the panoramic from the summit.

We begin the descent along the same path between a continuous movement of people in both directions. In the perfectly visible descent on the mountainside there are some narrow paths that cut down the Zetas of the road, which we will use, although later we would see a sign advising the use of the official road.

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Centro Información Visitantes Glen Nevis


Cima Ben Nevis


Lago¨ Lochan Meall An T-Suidhe ¨


Posada .Restaurante Nevis Inn

Ben Nevis Inn Claggan Fort William, Highland, PH33 6TE, GBR



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    mvisuals Apr 3, 2018

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    Solo comentar que cuando subimos nosotros no tuvimos mucha suerte con el tiempo, toda la ascensión lloviznando..., pero o subíamos ese día o no había otro, por temas logísticos más que nada.
    No hay perdida es como una autovía, el entorno es muy bonito.

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    Gregoridora Jul 29, 2019

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    Buena información para la ascensión al Ben Nevis

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