13.42 mi

Elevation gain

4,629 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

4,629 ft

Max elevation

7,669 ft



Min elevation

5,776 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Beehives and Plain of Six Glaciers


6 hours 13 minutes




August 6, 2020


August 2019
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7,669 ft
5,776 ft
13.42 mi

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near Lake Louise, Alberta (Canada)

My favorite view of the hike was from Big Beehive overlooking Lake Louise. Little Beehive has a similar view, but more of a nostalgia point for me from our previous visit in June 2011. The glaciers in the Plain of Six Glaciers might been the least interesting glacier we saw on our road trip and was plenty “dirty” with a covering on dirty on it. We didn’t have great sunshine then, so maybe it shines through on better days. The view down the valley was my favorite during that section of the hike.

All the quality put together really should push this hike closer to a better impression, but hordes of tourists on the trail, especially those that don’t know trail etiquette or follow leave no trace, just doesn’t make it worth it. I typically don’t mind crowds, believe in sharing the best views, and that everyone should be able to enjoy the wonders of the world, however I just observed so much self centered behavior where they were impervious to fellow hikers and signs to stay on the trail that it left me more irritable. Maybe I’m just getting old. I personally don’t see myself returning to do this hike again anytime in the future. I would also suggest visiting the many other amazing hikes in the Canadian Rockies and skipping this one, especially during peak season in July or August.

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