• Photo of Beach hike
  • Photo of Beach hike
  • Photo of Beach hike
  • Photo of Beach hike
  • Photo of Beach hike

Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  53 minutes

Coordinates 270

Uploaded September 26, 2015

Recorded September 2015

197 f
94 f
1.53 mi

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near San José del Mombacho, Granada (Nicaragua)

We wanted to see the lake, walk the dog and stretch our legs so we took this short hike along the road to a beach on Lake Nicaragua. The road is easy to follow, not heavily traveled (saw no vehicles) and access is restricted at night (a gate closes across the road so make sure you leave before dark). When we spotted a decent place to park we stopped driving and started our hike.

The beach was deserted, water levels were very low and the water was very warm. I went for a swim, a towel would have been nice. The hike can be extended along the beach (estuary to the left/north) or you can start the hike from a point further up the road (drive less, walk more). Bring food and water, there are no stores or cafes.


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