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Recorded December 2017

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near Bagargaon, State of Uttarakhand (India)

A day hike to the high point of Bagar Malla village, that has a mobile tower. We crossed over to the road head on the other side and walked back to Nature Drops camp site via Pangot.
  • Photo of Bagar Malla houses
The houses of the village at the beginning of the hike.
  • Photo of Oranges enroute
A few orange trees had fruits!
  • Photo of Orange trees enroute
A closeup of the oranges. Though these were not ripe so couldn't eat the one I plucked.
  • Photo of Nature Drops camp seen in a distance
The Nature Drops camping site is seen in a distance after climbing for half hour.
  • Photo of Houses and a small school enroute
The village folks seemed reasonably well off. Many own cars and many houses have set-top boxes. A village school seen behind the houses was closed.
  • Photo of Mobile tower at top is our destination
The seemingly tiny mobile tower on the hill top, seen in the center of the photo. In the far corner, you can see my kid all excited to trek!
  • Photo of Random tents enroute
  • Photo of Munchies break enroute
  • Photo of Nice trail
  • Photo of Well laid out trail after midway
  • Photo of Well laid trail through the shades
A good part of the trail was well laid out as it is a regular route for villagers.
  • Photo of Fantastic zig zag trail
On the steepest part, the trail has dozens of bends and it was fun to go zig-zag. Except that the climb is knee-breaking!
  • Photo of Tiny huts, tents, and jeep
  • Photo of Camping site under construction
  • Photo of Hotel 360 at the top
  • Photo of At the tower at the top
  • Photo of Resorts and camps all over the hills
Surprising to see so many camps and small hotels come up all over the hill, on either side.
  • Photo of The road head behind the hill
We hit the road head behind the hill at this point. Interesting to know of the destinations beyond Pangot. Ought to be back to explore this!
  • Photo of The dhaba
Clicked when started off from the dhaba after a hearty lunch. Good dhaba with good service. One can get cooked meal, maggi, packed junk food, and eggs here.
  • Photo of Road to Pangot
The secluded road to Pangot market.
  • Photo of Road to Nature Drops
Finally, we were back to the stretch from Pangot market to Nature Drops camp site.


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