• Photo of Auburn SRA-NF-CodFish falls
  • Photo of Auburn SRA-NF-CodFish falls
  • Photo of Auburn SRA-NF-CodFish falls
  • Photo of Auburn SRA-NF-CodFish falls

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Uploaded February 3, 2009

Recorded February 2009

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near Heather Glen, California (United States)

North fork-an easy mostly level trail to a nice waterfall. See: http://members.psyber.com/asra/tgcod.pdf

The only problem with this trail is getting to the trailhead. From the end of Ponderosa road in Weimar continue to the northfork of the American River via a one lane dirt road. I have seen passenger cars down here, but I really do not recommend it. It is better to have high clearance. The road has not been graded for many years and it has some deep ruts and sharp rocks. I have seen as many as 3 long trails of oil on the road from cars that have bottomed out. I have also seen the tow truck pull out a van that went over the edge of the road. So take it slow and bring a truck or suv. 4X4 is not necessary.

There is a way to walk down here from Applegate. The start of that trail is on private property and you may need to join Meadow Vista trail association to get access to the property. That trail is very steep. See http://mvtrails.org/
Trailhead and parking for Codfish trail

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    FoothillHikers Oct 25, 2010

    Located in one of the hidden gem areas of Auburn SRA on Ponderosa Way it's accessible via Wiemar from West Paoli Lane off HW80 and from Foresthill Road via Ponderosa Way.

    Cornerstone of the Area is the Ponderosa Bridge, built in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps.


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