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Uploaded June 23, 2018

Recorded June 2018

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near Simonskall, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

The Buhlert is part of the larger Hürtgenwald Forest, between the villages of Vossenack and Schmidt, or the Kall stream and the Rur dam. It is just outside the Eifel National Park, which also means that it is less frequently visited.

Different starting points are possible, for example in Kommerscheidt or Simonskall. We chose our trailhead at a parking place along the road connecting Simmerath and Schmidt. It is near the highpoint of the trail - but it means that you can have refreshments or a meal in Simonskall before climbing back to your starting point.

Shortly after the trailhead, you pass some wind turbines at close distance. At waypoint 4 the descent into the Kall valley begins. At waypoint 5 you have a good view of the Mestrenger Mühle far below. Before reaching the mill in the valley, you cross a bridge with a memorial of the battle of the Hürtgenwald, which achieved notoriety during WWII for claiming the lives of tens of thousands men on both sides of the war.

The Mestrenger Mühle is a private residence, and sometimes a restaurant. In June 2018, it appeared to be closed. When it is open, it is possible to walk through the biergarden and connect with the trail shortly after. If it is closed, you have to take a little detour, as indicated in our trail.

Eventually, we reach Simonskall, a very pretty village that seems to mainly consist of hotels with restaurants. We went there on a Tuesday, and several were open for business. We can well imagine, that it is very busy here on weekends. The tiny village is nicely restored and well worth a visit on its own.

Having refreshed ourselves, the uphill hike from the valley to the parking lot appears much less daunting - especially as the gradient is rather modest.

BU 01-Fork


BU 02-Windturbines


BU 03-Cabin Waldesruh


BU 04-Fork


BU 05-View Muehle


BU 06-Bridge


BU 07-Mestrenger Mühle


BU 08-Fork


BU 09-Hotel Kallbach

Sacred architecture

BU 10-Chapel


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