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near Gemmipass, Canton du Valais (Switzerland)

Easy hike from the mountain station of the Gemmibahn around the Daubensee with great views of the surrounding mountains. At the start the views of Leukerbad, the mountains south of the Rhone valley, and the Wildstrubel glacier in the distance are impressive. Hike on an unpaved road (Gemmipass), and on easy mountain tracks. There is the possibility to avoid the climb back up to the start by taking the Daubensee cable car. You will find a restaurant in Berghotel Wildstrubel at the start with a great viewing platform.
The walk starts outside the mountain station of the Gemmibahn (https://gemmi.ch/bahn/fahrplan-und-preise-gemmibahn/). You walk to the Gemmipass and then follow the unpaved road down to the far end of the natural lake (direction Schwarenbach). At the far end of the lake you leave the road and take the small path along the lake, and you follow this around the north and west shore until you get to the delta of the Lämmerendalu river flowing into the lake (the water leaves the lake underground). It is nice to walk around on the mud flats a bit before returning to the path. You cross the river on a bridge. Close by you will find the Daubensee cable car station, which you can take to avoid the short climb back to the Gemmipass. Here you walk towards the starting point of the Klettersteig Gemmiwand for another great view, and then back to the cable car station.


Rocky beach on the lake


Bridge across the Lämmerendalu

Climb to Gemmipass

From here you climb to the Gemmipass across rocks on a small track

Daubensee Talstation

This is the lower station of a cable car to the Gemmibahn mountain station. A small gondola commutes between the stations. The station was unmanned. You can take the gondola up if you are not up for the (easy) climb. See https://gemmi.ch/cable-car/cable-car-daubensee/?L=2

Gemmi Viewpoint in Berghotel Wildstrubel

A metal construction hangs over the ravine.


The Gemmipass is the highest point on the unpaved road from Leukerbad to Kandersteg

Lämmerendalu delta

The Lämmerendalu river flows into the Daubensee and forms a true delta with mud flats and small streams.

Path along the north shore

Here you access the trail along the north shore of the lake

Path along west shore

This path goes up a bit and descends back to the level of the lake.

Starting point Klettersteig

If you like a bit more adrenaline, you can choose to do the Klettersteig Gemmiwand.... See https://gemmi.ch/summer/via-ferrata-gemmiwand/?L=2

Unpaved road to Schwarenbach

From the Gemmipass the road descends to the far end of the lake and then continus to Schwarenbach and on to Kandersteg

Viewpoint outside cable car

When exiting the cable car station you directly come to a great viewpoint across Leukerbad and the Alps south of the Rhone valley.


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