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near Armila, Guna Yala (Republic of Panama)

desirable inflatable boat


Puerto Obaldia — Armila:

need a permit from SENAFRONT (N8°59'2.84" W79°34'12.78", DIRECTOR SERVICIO NACIONAL DE FRONTERA)


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    juansacris Jun 10, 2016

    Guau vaya ruta!!! Cuantos dias? Como entraste y saliste? Fuistes tu solo?
    Y el ultimo tramo solo dejandote llevar con el bote hinchable?

  • martinmeyer727 Mar 11, 2017

    can you contact with me please

  • Morrison B Mast Jan 19, 2018

    I'd like to issue a respectful but very stern warning for anyone considering hiking this trail.

    I lived in Armila for over a year and during my time there entered the jungle multiple times for hunting expeditions or lumber gathering. In fact, the home pictured in this post is where I lived. The trails in the mountainous forests west of Armila are trafficked by drug traffickers, ex-FARC (look it up), and ex-paramilitary -- kidnappings are still quite common in this area, and many of those people are never found again. Because of this, and because I don't look Guna, I was forbidden by local indigenous authorities from going into the forest during my stay in Armila. I was recently in contact with a family whose son disappeared in this area, and I fear that he tried to take this trail. Living in this town and hearing many stories of encounters with unsavory types up in the mountain, I would not venture more than a half-hours' hike outside the town into the forest on my own, or any further even with a local guide. Although it is safe for local Guna and Colombian people to use these trails to access the highway, I would highly, highly, highly discourage any foreigners from taking this trail. If you are considering it, DON'T, and look elsewhere to hike (not in this region, to be frank). If you'd like to contact me and ask any questions about hiking in this region, please contact me personally.

    That said, Armila is an amazing town. I am a biologist and conservationist and consulted with the local sea turtle conservation program there while conducting research. I would highly recommend visiting Armila and staying for a few days to learn more about Guna culture, which in my opinion is at its most un-adulterated in this particular town compared to the rest of the region. If you are traveling through this region, stick to the coast and the Guna towns.

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