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Technical difficulty   Easy

Time  2 hours 29 minutes

Coordinates 506

Uploaded April 19, 2011

Recorded April 2011

7,053 f
6,261 f
6.88 mi

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near Kachina Village, Arizona (United States)

A nice canyon / forest hike for a warmer day.

Follow the 89A towards Flagstaff.
At mile 391.5, just past the guardrail, turn right on the unmarked FR 237.
This is about 1.5 mile past the Oak Creek Vista.
The dirt road is drivable by all cars.

Follow the dirt road for about 1 mile. At the yellow sign (left curve), drive or hike the fainter dirt road to the right.
Check out the road first before you drive downhill. It's a rough road and you may not make it back. Its about 100 Yards from the sign to the parking.

Warning: The parking below is a primitive campground and there may be (bottle) glass down there.

At the parking go North/East on a faint trail downhill.

Down at the pumphouse wash, cross it and look for the canyon entrance

There are some small water crossings depending on the weather.
Pick up the clear trail and follow it all the way.
At a faint crossing as the canyon forks, take the right trail.
The trail follows the east fork, but will eventually end up in the north fork.

When you enter the north fork, follow the trail up to the forest road.
Turn back and where you entered the north fork, go straight on, following the north fork.
Hike back to the car.


Hiking time: 2 Hour and 30 Minutes.
The trail is Easy/Moderate.

Hiked: April 19 2011. There may be snow out here, even in April.
  • Photo of Ramp
Yellow Sign Right
Forest Road 237
  • Photo of Photo 1
Photo 1
  • Photo of Xing Wash
Xing Wash
Fork turn right
  • Photo of X Down
Xing down into the wash
Xing turn right on a forest road 237


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