Time  2 hours 41 minutes

Coordinates 1916

Uploaded January 6, 2012

Recorded January 2012

1,475 f
874 f
7.91 mi

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near Crystal Beach, Arizona (United States)

A scenic loop along an impressive crack fall.

Start hiking north east in the wide wash.
After about a mile you should be able to see the crack to the left.
Take a loop at the crack. This is a watering hole that holds water for a long time.
Hike back, out of the crack wash and head South East, until you reach the wash you started in.
Head along the mountain on the left and cross over the saddle, following the Burro trail.
On the other side, take a look at the impressive drop.

Head North to North West, keeping along the mountain to the left.
The saddle is the highest point of the hike.
Best hike in the wash or on the Burro trails on the right just above the wash.
Over the saddle, the best place to be is in the wash itself.
You never know what to expect in these kind of rough washes.
But this one is quite harmless, even easy to come down on.
Only some small rocky drops after a while, pick up the Burro trails on the left.
As the wash joins a wider wash below, go downhill to the left and head back to the car.

This hike is about as easy as it gets. Try to pick up the Burro trails and look for them (and Borrego), they are certainly there.

To get there you need a higher clearance car, preferable a 4x4.
Drive North of Havasu City, just past the mountain with the cell towers on the left.
There is a gap in the guard rails to the left, take this dirt road. (Mile 192)
There is a seasonal closure sign, but that's for a barred off area further towards the lake.

Drive the road and at a 3 way crossing, take a sharp turn right.
This road crosses another road (4 way crossing).
Take the road to the left.
It's marked Dead End and leading to private property.
"Leading" to means you should still be on BLM land.

Park, "road"side after close to 1 mile.
From January - July this area is closed for vehicles. Add 1 hour to hike to the start point.
In the closed off time, best start hiking one road past Mile 192, this road is barred with an iron gate.


Turn L

Turn Left







Turn R

Turn Right


Exit Hwy 95


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