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near Argási, Ionian Islands (Greece)

Route from Argassi village (just south from Zakynthos) to the highest peak in the area, Skopos, together with monastery of Panagia Skopiossa. The hike starts from main road and for about 1.5k follows asphalt roads with continues uphill, which later become dirt roads. After ~2k there is a new dirt road all the way up to the monastery with signs, but we followed GPS track along older path. In any case the two meet very briefly anyway after just 500m. Later, following the dirt road all the way up to the monastery. At the return we took a bit of detour with older/destroyed path, but I wouldn't recommend it (it was in very bad condition after earlier fires in the area). Rest of return done with bigger main dirt road towards the sea to reach asphalt road for last 1km to Argassi, passing by next to historical Domeneghini Tower by the sea.
Nice and easy hike mostly on dirt roads (no technical trails) offering great views all the way and from the peak.
NOTE: activity time should not be considered for hike as we did it running! I mark it hike tough as it's more suitable for one.
Building of interest

The Domeneghini Tower



Sacred architecture

Moni Panagia Skopiossa

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  • daanbr1 May 1, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nice basic walk, great views. The monastery was open, which is pretty rare I was told...

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