• Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall
  • Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall
  • Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall
  • Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall
  • Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall
  • Photo of Annandale hike above waterfall

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Uploaded May 9, 2016

Recorded May 2016

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near Granton, Saint George (Greanada)

One of the easiest and most rewarding hikes in Grenada. Ok there's still a good climb from the start but it's on old plantation track and there's no extreme gradient. Initial walk along road past houses and gardens then into agricultural area before entering the lower part of the Grand Etang Rain Forest Reserve. Much of the hike is under trees and also cooler because of the height. Pass by centuries old plantation areas - cocoa, citrus plantations and ancient mango trees abound. On the descent you will pass several old "coppers" - huge bowls used in boiling sugar cane extract (for sugar and rum!) and other processes. Some directions:

Park up or get dropped off at the Annandale Waterfall parking area. There are buses up here from St George's too - so could get here for no more than a few EC$. You can actually park further up the road just beyond the electric pole mentioned below if you want to skip the first part of the hike on the road.

Walk straight up the road above the waterfall through housing area. Then look for electric pole on right labelled Lj19 - there's a small steep track just to the right (this is just a short cut in the road - you can walk around on the road if you want).

The steep track brings you back onto the road after just a few yards climb. In front of you is a fork in the road - continue on the left trail (next to electric pole Lj16 - very useful navigation points!)

Keep up this road and when you get to the next split in the trail keep right - essentially following the route the water pipes are following through the field next to you.

After this it's just a case of following the trail up into the forest. After a while you pass the Annandale waterworks and the sign to say you're entering the forest reserve. Keep on the main trail.

When the gradient flattens out you pass a large citrus orchard on the left. The path then narrows and you cross 2 wooden footbridges. At times after this the path is narrow and partly overgrown by vegetation - no issue here, just keep going.

UPDATE (July 2020): both the wooden footbridges have disintegrated and are unusable. The first is very easy to negotiate by crossing the shallow stream next to the old bridge. Getting across the stream at the second bridge is a little more tricky and you may have to get your feet wet but it's relatively straightforward. Be careful - could be slippery!

A half mile or so further on and the path emerges in pasture and agricultural land, descending steeply past old copper boiling vessels, large mango and mahogany trees and an old plantation house to join the path you ascended on just above the steep short cut section. Descend back to Annandale - for a swim and a cold beer!


  • Guido Strauf Sep 7, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    I have done the trail on 6th of September 2016. The description and the provided data were very good. The trail was very nice trough plantation of cacao, banana and avocado. Because of some rainfall the trail was partially muddy, but that was no problem at all. We can recommend the trail, it was fun walking it.

  • sarah Riemer Jan 29, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Schöner Weg mit teilweise Blick auf den Fluss. Schöne Vegetation, viel Bambus, viel Palmen, einige Plantagen.

  • KatjaC Jul 10, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    This is a beautiful walk, we very much enjoyed it! The bridges are now completely dilapidated, but you can easily cross the river, if you don’t mind getting your feet wet. Highly recommended walk!

  • KatjaC Jul 10, 2020

    PS: if you come by car, you can drive all the way up to pole LJ16 and park there.

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