8.24 mi

Elevation gain

197 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

197 ft

Max elevation

196 ft



Min elevation

8 ft

Trail type





December 14, 2021


December 2021

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196 ft
8 ft
8.24 mi

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near Thetford, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: A11 crossing. 70 metres along the A11. A134 crossing twice. One short steep bank to climb.

Park at the Bury Road playing fields, off the A134 south of Thetford.
Head east and cross the A134. Head east, then meandering SW across the common.
Return to the A134 about 500 metres south of the playing fields. The trails do not match the OS map!
Head west, crossing the A134 and continue across the common.
On this leg the path was not visible and the route went through open woodland to a gate.
After the gate, head left, SW, now on a wide clear path.
Skirt the M.O.D. land. The path bends right a few times, eventually heading slightly north of west.
About 400 metres before the A11, turn sharp right and head ENE for 750 metres.
Turn left, roughly north and head to the A11.
Cross with care near the roundabout and head towards the Thetford Ranges.
Use the footpath to the right of the road and rejoin the road after 70 metres.
Head north, then NE, then NW. At a left bend, leave the road and head NE, golf course left.
The path bends right, east, back to the A11. Don't cross here.
Head north to the roundabout, then take the first exit, west.
About 90 metres from the roundabout, turn right, north, off the road on a small path into woodland.
The path soon bends right, east, and heads close to the A11.
Follow the footpath north, dual carriageway right.
At the river, turn right, east, and cross under the A11.
Turn right twice and climb the embankment up to the A11.
Head north along the A11 and cross the Little Ouse. This dangerous leg is only 70 metres.
After the bridge, climb over the crash barrier to the safer side.
Turn right and head down the maintenance road back to the river bank.
Turn left, east, and follow the river path, river right.
Just before London Road, turn left, north and walk around the priory ruins.
This is 5.5 miles into the route and this could be a good spot for lunch.
Return to London Road and head right, south. Keep left.
Cross the river and soon, double back down the ramp to the water side.
Turn right and follow the river east. Head towards the Mill, then turn right, then left.
Continue SE along the river path. At Nuns' Bridges Road, turn left and head north.
Turn right into Ford Street, soon Old Market Street.
Turn left and follow the footpath to Castle Hill.
Optionally climb the hill using the steps and circumnavigate the defences.
There are good views from the hilltop.
Double back and re-cross the Nuns' Bridges. Head south, soon SW along this road.
Leave the road and continue roughly south across the common, houses left.
After 470 metres, turn right, west, and return to the playing fields car park.

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Car park

Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758

  • Photo of Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758
  • Photo of Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758
  • Photo of Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758
  • Photo of Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758
Thetford, Bury Road playing fields, TL 86691 81758


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