8.64 mi

Elevation gain

315 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

315 ft

Max elevation

218 ft



Min elevation

68 ft

Trail type





December 20, 2021


December 2021

Weather Forecast

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Weather Forecast Weather Forecast
218 ft
68 ft
8.64 mi

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near Wordwell, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: This walk uses several byways shared with off road vehicles.
CAUTION: The woodland route late in the walk is complex. Take a compass.

Park at the King's Forest picnic site off the B1106 south of Elveden.

Head south and soon west to leave the car park.
Cross the B1106 and head NW along the forest access road 203.
This road soon bends left, west.
After 1.1 miles, at a T junction, turn right, NE.
After 0.9 miles, go right onto Queen Mary's Avenue, parallel with the main track.
Follow the avenue all the way to the B1106.
Cross the B1106 and continue NE across the open field.
Some off road idiots had failed to use the track and driven over farmer's crop.
At the far side of the field, turn right twice to head SE across another open field.
The junction was churned up by the off roaders, as was the next cross field leg.
Pick a path through the churned mud with care.
Continue SE for 1.1 miles.
Turn left, NE, for half a mile (two fields).
Turn right, SE, for 0.6 miles.
Turn right, SW, for 0.8 miles.
At the thatched cottage, continue SW, ahead into the woodland.
The route repeatedly turns right and left zigzagging through the woods.
There were eleven turns all using well trodden tracks or paths.
If you are using an App or handheld satnav this will be easy.
Otherwise, pay attention to your map and compass, timing your turns to avoid getting lost.
Return to the car park.

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Car park

Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871

  • Photo of Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871
  • Photo of Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871
  • Photo of Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871
  • Photo of Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871
Kings Forest, TL 82572 74871


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